Why is it Liberals never have to live by their own values? You’d think if a particular behavior on the Right is bad, it would be bad if Liberals do it, too. But you’d be wrong. They destroy Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but blame Bush and Co for the Housing Crisis. They steal our money via taxes but pillory corporations for making a profit.  And they call people racist for doing what they do with no shame at all.

Three months ago I wrote about a story here in Tennessee. During the election, to highlight Barack Obama’s constant position changing, two entrepeneurs cooked up “Obama Waffles”, selling the mix in boxes featuring caricatures of Obama. Liberals predictably called it racist and even got the pair tossed out of a national event by complaining to reporters who provided the equally predicatable bad press.

Recently, Liberals again charged Republicans with racism for passing around a parody of a Democrat calling Barack Obama “The Magic Negro”. How ironic the original comment, when printed in the LA Times as uttered by a Democrat, was not racist. But when Republicans make fun of them, using their own words, it’s not the guy who made the original comments who is racist. Oh, no – it’s the evil GOP.

The guy pushing the matter is a Liberal over at AOL, Tommy Christopher, and he decided to take on, of all people, Erick Erickson at RedState. Tommy is white but knows all about racism.  Except the part where some black people aren’t offended at all – except possibly at the Democrat who actually uttered the phrase to begin with.  I’ll make Tommy the same deal I made the Obama Waffle detractors. Either be consistent and call out Gary Trudeau and others for their treatment of Black Republicans and Conservatives or shut up. If you can’t apply your outrage equally, you reveal yourself as a hypocrite and partisan shill. Sadly, you’re probably not even aware of the existence of such racism on your side.

Or, we can all agree that parody, satire and caricature have their place and that’s all it is and go on about our business. You get to choose, Tommy. Racism or parody? But it must apply equally and you must call your boys on it, loud and long and first! Until then, please shut the heck up! Your faux self-righteousness is keeping the adults from their work.

I’m not holding my breath. My opinion of the Left is that they would look at the work of their side and proclaim it an excellent use of parody and caricature and be proud of it while continuing to denigrate the Right for their racism. That such behavior would be considered hypocrisy or racism is unfathomable to them. Minds that small seldom have room for more than a thought or two at the same time.

Blue Collar Muse