Below, find the winning entry in the FairTax sponsored contest for answering the question “What does the FairTax mean to you?”

Millions of Americans believe what this man believes. He understands America, its history, value, import and potential. He, and millions like him, support the FairTax. I’m proud to count myself among them.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are our political leaders, from both parties, as well as irresponsible citizens who believe, among other things, that Government is superior to the People; that the Needs of an individual supercede the Rights of the Individual, that Charity is preferable to Industry; and, that it is possible to have Corporate success without Individual success.

The Fair Tax isn’t just a different way of collecting taxes. It is revenue collection consistent with the Rights and primacy of the individual as established by those values and documents we hold dear. An Income Tax, in any form, is a statement that the Happiness you have pursued and attained via your Life and your Liberty do not belong, first and foremost, to you to use as you will. It says that everything you earn belongs first to Government which will decide how much of it you will be allowed to keep to use in whatever outlets it permits to remain for you to use. It is not consent of the governed. It is the Government giving its consent. That is merely slavery with designer chains …

The FairTax allows you to decide when, where and if you pay taxes by controlling when, what and how you choose to buy the things you want with the money you have earned and which belongs to you by right of that earning. The FairTax empowers both you and me to fulfill our obligation to stand up to Government and tell them, “It’s my Life, my Liberty and the fruit of my Pursuit! Who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do with it! I do not consent to this!” That’s what the FairTax means to me.

Blue Collar Muse