Old and Busted: Mrs. Ford must be heard from in a public hearing!

New Hotness: Mrs. Ford must not be heard from in this sham hearing!

What corroborating witnesses? There are none. Notice how in line the Democratic talking points are with what Mrs. Ford’s lawyers are now saying.

A few days ago, Democrats started running with the ridiculous idea that the FBI is actually a super secret police force that can investigate any random matter outside their jurisdiction. Desperately searching for an excuse not to testify, Ford’s lawyers adopted the very same talking point.

Then yesterday, after being rebuffed by the DOJ and FBI on the matter, they needed another go to. Sen. Feinstein decided to come up with this gem.

“Chairman Grassley said today there would be only two witnesses invited to testify at the Kavanaugh hearing next week on sexual assault allegations. Compare that to the 22 witnesses at the 1991 Anita Hill hearing and it’s impossible to take this process seriously,” Feinstein released in a statement.

“What about other witnesses like Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge? What about individuals who were previously told about the incident? What about experts who can speak to the effects of this kind of trauma on a victim? This is a another attempt by Republicans to rush this nomination and not fully vet Judge Kavanaugh.”

Still think this isn’t a delay tactic? Didn’t think so. The goalposts just keep moving.

There were no individuals previously told about the event. There was a therapist who wrote down a different story in which Kavanaugh wasn’t even named. That’s essentially it. The idea that we are going to bring in “experts” to opine on her “trauma” is ludicrous. You don’t do that based on a vague allegation.

And what a coincidence, but here’s Mrs. Ford’s lawyers adopting this newest narrative as a reason not to show up to Monday’s hearing.

The Democrat’s goal here is clear. They want to drag out an investigation past the mid-terms. Nothing less. Ford and her lawyers are working hand in hand, even so far as to obviously correlate strategy together, in order to accomplish that.

Irregardless of whether this woman is telling the truth or not, the first step was always going to be her making her allegation under oath, before the Senate. Why? Because there’s no criminal case here. There’s no outside investigation by law enforcement because there can’t be. The Senate is the only body that matters in this entire situation because they have the ability to consent or not consent on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

If Mrs. Ford can’t be bothered to go before the Senate and repeat her accusation under penalty of perjury, then her accusation deserves no more time. If she’s convincing or offers some corroboration, Republicans would be forced to have follow-up hearings and schedule more witnesses. The idea that she wouldn’t receive a fair showing is ludicrous. There’s noway the Senate Judiciary Committee would do anything but treat her with kid gloves.

Yet, her refusal to take the first step says to most onlookers that she never had any intention of it getting this far. In fact, Democrats as a whole thought they had trapped Republicans. They figured that if they demanded a hearing, Republicans would refuse and then they could claim how awful the GOP was for not even being willing to hear the woman.

Instead (contrary to my advice) everyone, from McConnell to Grassley to even President Trump, treated Ford with deference and announced that she should be heard from. This caught Democrats flat footed and they are scrambling. Any intellectually honest observer can see right through what’s now happening.

For the first few days of this, Democrats and Mrs. Ford’s lawyers insisted she wanted to be heard on her claims. They said she would testify. They plastered themselves on media appearances with confident assertions of credibly, expecting to never have to actually defend them. Now, the narrative has had to shift on a dime because one thing happened.

Republicans called their bluff. 

It’s time to finish this. If she doesn’t respond by the deadline set in Sen. Grassley’s latest letter (Friday at 10am), then you hold the vote that afternoon. You vote to confirm immediately after that with the full Senate and you end all this insanity.