John Kerry started the ball rolling, calling it the “the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time”. It’s been a common theme over the better part of the War in Iraq, from Harry “the war is lost” Reid to Nancy “(the war) is a failure” Pelosi, Democrats have been firmly entrenched in the defeatist/blame America camp.

Obama took his cue from Kerry and started talking about the “right war”, you know the one in Pakistan… errr, I mean Afghanistan against Al Qaeda… I mean the Taliban… wait, no, the drug lords who finance them? Now we find ourselves in an overseas contingency operation trying to stave off man-made disasters through the gallant efforts of our globe trotting Apologizer in Chief. There is a reason why the enemy has always been a vague subject for the Obama camp- for like Pogo, they already know the enemy, and he is us.

Target identified!

Really, is there a brain cell functioning properly in the Obama White House?

The ultimate Democrat double entendre, the War on Intelligence is a combat operation liberal politicians, leftist fanatics, apologists and the press can finally get behind!