Keith Fimian is running to succeed Congressman Tom Davis in Virginia’s 11th District. The most notable thing about his race so far has been the extraordinary attacks that Democrats have leveled against him for being a Roman Catholic. Today Fimian made news with a call to jail the members of the House and Senate banking committees:

Republican congressional candidate Keith Fimian called for members of the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Banking Committee to be imprisoned for their role in the country’s current economic crisis.

“We can’t even govern our way out of a situation like this without larding up the bill. It’s tragic,” said Fimian. “There should be people indicted and imprisoned that are on the Senate and House banking committees.”

Fimian’s comments were made in a debate against Democrat Gerry Connolly, chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. They’re vying for Rep. Tom Davis’s (R) seat in Virginia’s 11th district.

Fimian couldn’t be more right: there are people on the committees of jurisdiction who knowingly gambled with the nation’s housing system and economy, and they ought to be forced to answer for their recklessness. It’s not too late to call for a special prosecutor to investigate those on Capitol Hill and elsewhere who created this mess. Other Congressional candidates should take a lesson from Fimian, and make this issue part of their platforms.