Right Change targets Barack Obama’s plan to raise taxes by trillions to pay for huge new spending plans and more bailouts:

That was before he learned that state transportation directors have approved a request for $545 billion in new spending — funded by Congress. How does that compare to the spending authorized in the last major highway bill (in 2005)? It doubles it:

Transportation officials representing all 50 states adopted Monday a $545 billion proposal for next year’s surface transportation reauthorization bill, which would almost double the $286 billion authorized in the 2005 highway law.

The proposal before the American Association of State and Highway Officials would include a strict cap on )congressional earmarks and would fund new spending with a mix of fuel tax increases, bonds, and levies on shipping )containers, car sales and miles driven.

You must be reassured that state transportation officials know exactly how Congress should pay for all the help they expect: raise gas taxes (by 10 cents a gallon), raise taxes on cargo shipments, raise taxes on car sales, and raise taxes on miles driven. My subhead notwithstanding, that probably simply means a big federal expansion of toll roads, not odometer police. But, given the current Democratic majority in Congress, you never know.

Given the pressure to expand federal spending to previously unheard-of levels, are we better off with a president who’s never met a tax increase he didn’t like, or one who’s spent his career fighting wasteful spending?