Apparently Representative Carolyn Maloney appeared on MSNBC this morning to discuss Caroline Kennedy’s withdrawal from consideration for Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat. She made a surprising argument:

Representative Carolyn Maloney – a Senate hopeful – appeared on MSNBC this morning and tried extrapolating a political lesson from the airplane crash in the Hudson.

“We did have one good news with the tragedy with the U.S. airplane landing, and many of us were very pleased that Captain Sullenberger was a really experienced captain that brought that plane down safely and saved so many lives,” she said.

Maloney added, “We certainly didn’t need a pilot with a manual [and] on-the-job training, and we can’t have that now…”

“I support her for putting family first,” Maloney said. Before leaving, Maloney said, “We need someone who is up to date and ready to go, and I’m in that category.”

Doesn’t Maloney know that experience doesn’t matter anymore — and that judgment is what’s really needed? If experience was as important in governing as it is in flying planes, then the nation would not have elected a neophyte to the White House, and that neophyte would not have entrusted a budgeting expert with leadership of the CIA, or an economist with no business experience with the Treasury Department, or a defender of terrorists with Department of Justice.

I wonder if Maloney has any sense of just how out-of-fashion experience is with the current government.