The RedState Gathering heard from many existing and rising Conservative stars, but the speaker who truly rocked the house, biggest crowd-pleaser, was Liz Cheney.  Her “America Needs Commander in Chief, Not a Global Community Organizer” speech was made of awesome.

Unfortunately, the available video clip does not convey the electricity that Cheney brought to the Gathering. It is a great clip from a fabulous speech, but the clip covers only four paragraphs, there was much, more to the speech, and many other quotable sound bites which resonated with the audience:


The RedState Box Office Report

  • It has become somewhat fashionable today to talk about conservatives and conservatism as a movement in peril. In some quarters, we’re said to be near death. I am here today to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.
  • We have learned that President Obama will not govern from the center, that he does not believe in American exceptionalism, that he thinks there is a moral equivalence between America and our adversaries, that he wants to expand the federal government until it permeates every corner of this land, and every aspect of your life, that he will raise everyone’s taxes, and that he thinks bureaucrats should choose our doctors, prescribe our medical care, and ration it if need be.
  • Mr. President, in a ticking time bomb scenario, with American lives at stake, are you really unwilling to subject a terrorist to enhanced interrogation to get information to prevent the attack? Is it really your position that you would sacrifice American lives rather than use legal methods that we know work to get information that could save those lives?
  • Wise men do not capitulate to terrorists simply because the terrorists file suit. Wise men do not welcome terrorists who have vowed to slaughter Americans onto the American homeland. Wise men don’t fret over whether a terrorist was read his Miranda rights. And wise men don’t deliver valuable information about how we gather intelligence into the hands of our enemies.
  • Avoiding causing offense to our enemies has become a central tenet of President Obama’s foreign policy. It was this attempt to placate, to appease, not to cause offense that prevented President Obama from defending the rights of the Iranian people to free and fair elections.
  • The purpose of diplomacy is not to be liked. The purpose of foreign policy is not to get applause in foreign capitals. The purpose of having a Commander-in-Chief and pursuing a national security strategy is to defend America’s interests, aggressively, effectively and unapologetically.
  • Iran will not be disarmed because we talk them out of their weapons, or because we offer “apologies” for America, or because we look the other way as they continue to support terrorism around the world, or because we pretend we have mutual interests. Iran will be disarmed diplomatically only if they know we are serious about using military force if the diplomacy fails.
  • America is fundamentally a conservative nation. We know that our greatness has been founded on a strong national defense, limited government, low taxes, the genius and ingenuity of the private sector, and a strong belief in individual freedoms. We know that government is more often the problem than the solution. We know that freedom isn’t free, that America’s armed forces are the best fighting force the world has ever known. And finally, we know that America is the best nation on earth, the best that has ever existed. We believe in her goodness, her strength, her hope and her example – for all who seek freedom in every corner of the world. Those are conservative values. Those are American values.

You can, and should, read the entire speech. The full transcript of her remarks to the RedState Gathering, as prepared for delivery, is available here.

When we are able to watch a video of the entire speech, hopefully, you will see the rock star moment the Gathering experienced listening to Liz Cheney speak. What you will not experience is the inspiring feeling of chatting with a confident Conservative leader. Cheney not only gave a terrific speech, she also had lunch with RedState Contributing Editors, was available to chat and pose for pictures with attendees, and even sat in the audience and listened to other speakers.