Saturday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced the members of the “Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research” (“CER”), which was stealthily included in the Obama boondoggle stimulus — one of those bills the Democrats passed without anyone having a chance to read it.

According to George Will, the draft report on the so-called stimulus bill states the CER will identify medical “items, procedures, and interventions” that it deems insufficiently effective or excessively expensive. They “will no longer be prescribed” by federal health programs.

Tom Daschle, advocated a “Federal Health Board” similar to the CER, whose recommendations “would have teeth”: Congress could restrict the tax exclusion for private health insurance to “insurance that complies with the Board’s recommendation.”

Will tried to warn us in January:

The CER, which would dramatically advance government control — and rationing — of health care, should be thoroughly debated, not stealthily created in the name of “stimulus.”

This is Obamacare — government-controlled healthcare stealthily enacted. Is it even worse? Is the CER a stalking horse for the so-called “death panels.” With more than a quarter of Medicare expenses spent on the last year of life, one has to wonder. One has to wonder even more when the controversial Ezekiel J. Emanuel, one of those “deadly doctors,” is included as a member.