The below article url was sent to me in answer to questions concerning Barack Obama in my ongoing image of him as a “Trojan Horse” for the people behind him who have promoted him into political office, as a result of his work as a community organizer for Bill Ayers and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in Chicago. All these people are named in the article, published by The National Review, written by Stanley Kurtz, entitled “Wright 101 – Obama funded Extremist Afrocentrists who shared Rev. Wright’s Anti-Americanism”. The names include Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Black Muslims in America. (One primary connection to Obama’s political agenda is *not included *in this article, and it concerns Obama’s ties to people involved in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac finance debacle for America just weeks before America’s Presidential Election of November 4, 2008.)

My suggestion is to print out this article, to read carefully during a quiet time hopefully soon, because the content is crucial to understanding why anyone could even think that Barack Obama is a Trojan Horse for a greater, hidden extremist agenda to “Change” America away from our democratic-republic heritage and universal principles embedded within the U.S. Constitution.

As further introduction, there is much more to the extremist conglomerate of personalities behind Obama’s political career and now his run for the U.S. Presidency, and it involves Obama’s own personal background and the serious question of his true national origin and formative years as a young Muslim in Kenya, attending Muslim schools, studying the traditional religion of Islam. However, it is true in and of itself that this educational and religious background alone is consistent with the moderate view of the Islam religion that Americans hold and respect in America today, as it should be.

More recently, though, there is documentation of a dark Islamic agenda that is involved with Obama now, as first discussed by Dr. Jerome Corsi in his New York Times Best Seller, The Obama Nation – Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, and further in recent weeks from Corsi’s personal fact-finding trip to Kenya earlier this October 2008, when from London afterwards he reported that he had been personally handed literally at least 25 copies of emails between Barack Obama during his Presidential Campaign for Election 2008 and Prime Minister Nenya Jaramogi Oginga Odinga; additionally, Corsi reported that he was also handed other significant documents including a cell-phone list of phone-calls between Obama and Odinga personally.

Odinga is said to be a first cousin to Obama, a nephew to Obama’s father; however, due to Corsi’s documentation, as well, there is more than a family connection involving Prime Minister Odinga’s ties to both the extremist Islamic and communist agenda’s for Kenya, with a signed agreement of promise from Odinga to the people behind him for his desire to become President of Kenya. Barack Obama’s communications, reported as advising and mentoring Odinga personally as to how to conduct himself and his campaign in order to become elected the next Kenya President, reflects upon Obama’s own purposes for extending himself so significantly favoring Odinga’s extremist political ambitions for Kenya even during the American Democrat primaries leading up to U.S. Election 2008.

That is, there is a clear international tenor now surrounding Obama’s run for the U.S. Presidency for purposes of more than his rhetoric of “Change” he promises for America; this distinction of the Odinga-Obama political campaigns is found to extend into the broader world of the international Islamic agenda sourced in Arab nations, where Arabs on the street know Obama’s name and speak it with reverence, for they know Obama’s promise that they express openly about him amongst themselves for Islam worldwide–but clearly his promise for the “Change” they expect from him for Islam, is unfortunately tainted by the very promise of Odinga himself, signed in writing to the extremist Islamic and communist agenda in Kenya, according to two Corsi audio radio interviews from London, after Corsi’s release from detention by the government of Kenya under Odinga.

Even Libya’s leader Gaddafi discusses Obama as a “Muslim Brother” and as commonly recognized by the “Arab world” whom he addresses in a public video online today. The video speech of Gaddafi, where he is seen and heard explaining and consoling his public audience, demonstrates specifically the real “promise” felt about Obama in the Arab world, and one must hear it for themselves to fully comprehend this: ; indeed Gaddafi is explaining and consoling here his people’s fears and concerns because of Barack Obama’s political statements he made here in his American political campaign that are clearly contrary to “the promise” these people have felt about Obama in behalf of a Muslim world agenda, should Obama become U.S. President. It clearly is a promise now tainted by the extremist Islamic and communist agenda of Prime Minister Odinga of Kenya, filled already with a history of violence and death, who is now also on record as being in close, intimate communication with Barack Obama in America during his own political campaign for the presidency.

So not only do we have in America today a clear connection of Barack Obama with Rev. Wright and the Extremist Afrocentrists and the Bill Ayers Marxist agendas, we also have Obama’s personal interconnection with the worldwide extremist Islamic agenda. And there is one final note: let us not forget Obama’s clear ongoing connection under the Bill Ayer’s Chicago Annenberg Challenge, representing, teaching and sponsoring members of ACORN; it is also on public record now for 2008 election registration fraud in battleground states, which may contribute to the subsequent election of Barack Obama for the U.S. presidency. Obama continues to deny and distance himself from the Ayer’s connection, and the current ACORN involvement even though he contributed from his Presidential Campaign, $800,000 to ACORN. Americans are at a crucial crossroads now urgent, where a sound choice will be made in the ballot box either one way or the other affecting America’s democratic heritage of freedom, and the outcome is as near as the votes recorded in the November 4 Election of 2008–demanding that no truly registered voter should stay home, trusting to others, and not vote in this one.

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October 14, 2008 4:00 AMThe National Review

Wright 101Obama funded Extremist Afrocentrists who shared Rev. Wright’s Anti-Americanism

By Stanley Kurtz