First of all as a resident of Illinois, I have an intimate knowledge of, as John Kass of the Chicago Tribune puts it, “the Chicago Way.” Barack Obama is a child spawned of the Chicago Way, a Crook county politician with no national experience.

As Geraldine Ferraro said, “If he was a young white male with his level of experience, no one would take him seriously.” I believe in honesty in politics, obviously the Democrats don’t, because she was fired for stating the truth. And yet Barack Obama can utter falsehood after falsehood or twist and manipulate his words to fit any situation. That does not make him a candidate for the White House, it makes him a sophist.

The country needs a leader that has a clue of what he needs to do once in office. It does not need someone who recommends change, without ever defining what the changes should or will be.

Michael Medved, the other day in WIND radio in Chicago said, the Idea of Obama being elected terrifies him. Not because he is a black man, but because he doesn’t know or have a clue as to what kind of world is beyond his narrow focus.

In the case of Mr. Obama’s campaign, it is like the story of the Emperor who had no clothes. Mr. Obama, has no experience, no plan, and no goal other than to be the President. And, no one can tell him, or his followers.