I wrote my first political article in the last issue of It’s all in the JOURNEY.

And I’ve been hearing about it.

“You’re going to piss some people off.”

“You should keep the message positive.”

“This isn’t the place for politics.”

“You shouldn’t talk bad about our country.”

And on, and on, and on.

Let me make one thing clear; I am not advocating for one party or the other. I am not advocating for one politician or the other.

What I am saying is that I believe our country has turned in such a horrible direction,

That we have to do something before it is too late;

If it’s not already.

Because of the constant message of fear Bush’s administration has bombarded us with;

We have developed a ‘Us against Them’ mentality.

It’s spread into our subconscious.

Both as to our country’s defense,

And as a people.

We apply it among ourselves.

If you’d asked me in the past, I would have said that I’m a Democrat,

Because my idea of them was that they believed we should have programs to help those who can’t help themselves.

And the Republicans were a party that catered to big business.

They are both that, to a certain degree, but they are also,

To a larger degree,

Just people who want what they think is the best for our country.

But that ‘Us against Them’ mentality has so pervaded our country,

That there is almost no way to find a middle ground.

In these times,

At this pivotal point,

We need to come together for the good of this country.

Because as this country goes,

So goes a large percentage of the world.

The Democrats are so desperate to win the White House;

Not just to ‘right the ship’

But for payback.

And the Republicans are so desperate to keep their power,

That there is no thought of coming together for our common good.

The media is even worse.

They are so…enthralled with Barak Obama that any hard questions,

Are out of the question.

What happened to ‘Journalism’?

Unbiased, truth seeking, it’s so important it’s part of our constitution,


I heard Sarah Palin, McCain’s choice for VP speak the other night,

And in the after,

So many attacks on her ‘experience’ from the media.

She was a city councilwoman,

A small town mayor,

Then Governor of Alaska.

Not a lot for the position Vice President, I agree.

But when you compare it to Obama’s:

Two years in the U.S. Senate.

Seven years in the Illinois Senate.

A community organizer.

For the position of President of The United States of America?

Honestly? Unbiased, truth seeking, honestly?

They are the same.

So why no hard questions about his experience?

Why the attacks on hers?

I also agree that our country is on a dangerous path;

The erosion of our basic rights in the guise of ‘National Security’ is alarming.

I also agree that our country is in danger from radical Islam, North Korea, Iran, and a multitude of other issues and peoples.

This is a time to come together and really debate who is the better to lead us in a new direction.

A change in direction.

To face that danger and deal with it;

Diplomatically, if possible,

Not, if not.

But the constant message of an imminent attack, and that the world is against us, has filled us with such fear,

And made us feel like our backs are against the wall.

It is not the Republican Party that has gotten us here,

It was President Bush.

Did you just glance furtively about to see if anyone saw you reading that?

Honestly? I did when I wrote it,

And that scares the hell out of me more than any threat from the ‘outside’.

We are so desperate for change from that kind of fear.

Hungry for a change.


I am.

From the kind of fear that is so abnormal to us as Americans;

Fear of our government,

That we are ready to grab onto anything that offers us that;


If you’d asked me in the past, I’d have said that I am a Democrat,

Now I guess I’d say that I’m an independent.

In fact, you might be surprised to know that I like McCain.

Not because he is a Republican,

Definitely not for that reason,

But because I believe he is the best man for the job;

The job as President of The United States of America.

The job is a huge responsibility.

In respect to us,

And our future,

And the future of the world.

With that on the shoulders of the person elected,

I’d rather it be someone with experience.

John McCain is a Republican.

But he’s not George Bush.

But then I think,

We DO need change.

Obama is offering that;

And with the support of Americans,

All Americans; black, white, brown and yellow,

That only John F. Kennedy realized.

For that reason I want to vote for Obama.

I WANT to bring the world together as one family,

With America invited to the table;

Not just crashing the party because we can.


I’m afraid.

With his lack of experience,

And all our enemies….

Hmmm… Looks like the Bush fear factory is still alive & well.

Charlie G

Editor in Chief

It’s all in the JOURNEY magazine

[email protected]