It is amazing that how much influence and power money has over every nation from its time immemorial in humankind’s recorded history. The money does funny things to our character and guides a nation’s politics from within and outside, as well. It can be either good or bad. Indeed, money can be a great indicator of how healthy a nation’s economy is truthfully and what sort of politics will it establish.Because of awesome influence money has over us and our nation as well, it’s always noteworthy to study the effects of money on domestic politics. Let’s begin with America; it is surprising given how few people are educated on Hamilton’s Reports on public debt incurred during Revolutionary War to Congress in order to persuade Americans to embark on the next greatest experiment – capitalism. Because of Hamilton’s activities, America was firmly placed on the footing toward establishing a capitalist system that endorses the spirit of entrepreneurship and views private property as the bedrock of American capitalism. Because of public debt incurred, it led Hamilton to believe that a strong central government was necessary in order to have credit established with good standing.

However, on the other hand, France was bankrupt when it bankrolled American Revolution, leading some within King Louis’s ministry to present radical proposals that would have swept away much of noblesse privileges and tax exemptions for the wealthy class. Needless to say, at its most basic level, because of French bankruptcy, social unrest led to French Revolution with socialist tendencies to take control of French society. Shortly thereafter, French revolutionary leaders attempted to propagate such incendiary ideas throughout the continent, leading to wars and the eventual rise of Napoleon.

The point here isn’t to analyze the causes and effects of American and French Revolution, but to demonstrate what effects public debt can lead us to be persuaded major and necessary changes are needed in order to reform the current economic system we have right now. President-elect Obama firmly believes such changes are not only necessary, but long overdue. It is with the greatest fear that once Obama is officially in power, he will order sweeping changes to US economy, permitting socialist principles to be firmly entrenched with no chances of painless removal.

That is why I believe that we are in midst of a unique historic moment, where we will witness lasting changes made in the veins of American political and economic systems. President-elect Obama is no Clinton, and let me to say this bluntly, I view President-elect Obama to be a far more dangerous threat to the domestic welfare of the United States. I could not help but to view in retrospect how similar circumstances in relation to monetary conditions America were once and where we are right now. America is spending a lot of money on Iraq, and I feel strongly that while it’s a worthy objective, media and President-elect Obama are using that as an opportunity to present radical reforms that will leave mostly conservatives uncomfortable.I don’t think we’re in a bad situation right now, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a lot of bloodletting in streets (after all, the United States is not France!), I do not and will never view President-elect Obama as another Danton or Robespierre. But neither will I consider him to be in the same vein as Alexander Hamilton and so many other American giants. But I believe that President-elect Obama does view that we are in a terrible situation and sweeping changes must be made to address some of difficulties America is facing right now.

This is more than about opposition party winning the contest; I also firmly believe that President-elect Obama in person is the epitome of cultural war that’s been ongoing for the last forty years. He was raised by a radical liberal. He’s been imbued with radical liberal philosophies and beliefs. In all, I do personally feel that President-Obama isn’t just a powerful authority figure, but also a revolutionary figure with powerful authority to effect major changes.

This is why we have to keep fighting for what we believe in, we cannot allow President-elect Obama to have his ideas and agenda passed without much of a fight. We have to find ways to fight with the same intensity Hamilton and other supporters fought for in establishing a capitalist foundation that made America a wealthy nation and prosperity a sure thing in America. Were it not for Hamilton and his ideas, who know what kind of a nation America would be? The question is, can we fight with the same intensity as our forefathers did over 230 years ago? Let us hope against hopechange for best…