Our court system may not be perfect, but one of long cherished and held legal traditions is the assumption of innocence until proven guilty. Well, if President Obama has his way that will change in a major and significant way.

Obama also planned to ask Congress to crack down on tax havens and implement a major shift in the way courts view guilt. Under Obama’s proposal, Americans would have to prove they were not breaking U.S. tax laws by sending money to banks that don’t cooperate with tax officials. It essentially would reverse the long-held assumption of innocence in U.S. courts.

Obama is planning to crack down on tax havens. One of ways to force an American to stop using tax havens is charging him with something and putting the burden of proof on him that he has done nothing to warrant criminal charges. Though to be sure, the change is probably only related to the tax law.

However, as an old proverb usually goes, one small change leads to big changes. And that’s certainly the case here. One has to wonder what kind of major changes Obama has in the store for us? If Obama is able to get his way, then it will certainly influence how the court usually views the guilt in the areas other than tax law.

I fear that this will go overlooked, as everybody is so focused on the economy’s woes. We need to stop and think about it. Which is more important, worrying about the economy or guarding our cherished liberties? Maybe it’s true that we get the President we truly deserve. So, it’s important that conservatives start to fight smartly and defeat Obama’s attempts to reshape the legal landscape in America.

So, let us fight to keep the long held assumption of innocence until proven guilty.