But, but, but there’s scientific consensus on climate change! It’s real, dude!

Okay, let’s talk about scientific consensus. People love to say this only when it fits their ideological agenda. There is plenty of scientific evidence that babies are alive and human beings inside the wombs. It’s become almost a routine to save a baby at 20-25 weeks. Technology has progressed to the point where we can even perform surgeries inside the womb. It’s not a blob of goo anymore, from the moment it was conceived, it was always a human being worthy of our respect and love.

Yet, despite all of this, so many people DISMISS scientific evidence and say it’s woman’s body, therefore her decision! Contrary to EMPIRICAL scientific evidence presented so far, some lawmakers are so determined to pass a law that grants a woman an ability to kill her unborn baby UP to moments before it’s born.

I’m sorry to say this, but so-called scientific consensus is full of hot air. You only believe in it when it supports YOUR beliefs.

The truth is, climate change is incredibly HARD to break down as there’s so MANY variables to account for. I believe it is partly true that our planet is experiencing climate change, but to what extent it was caused by man, it is hard to say for sure. However, I believe there are more important fishes to fry than worrying about climate change. To me, climate change is nothing more than a thinly disguised vessel for government to make greater inroads into every aspect of daily life.

Ask a Hong Kong protester if climate change is more important than protesting Chinese government, I’m sure he’ll laugh in your face. Ask a lowly ordinary citizen in Venezuela whether it’s more important worrying about climate change than trying to avoid starving in streets, he’ll laugh in your face. Ask me whether it’s more important worrying about climate change than finishing school and finding a job, I’ll LAUGH in your face and tell you to get lost.

In the end, just because there’s supposedly “scientific consensus” on something, it doesn’t mean we have to drop on our knees and worship scientists at the altar. Scientists have known to be wrong before and let me assure you this, I have no doubt in my mind that 12 years from now, we’ll be alive and our planet isn’t worse off than now. We’ll be fine, and there so many other more immediate problems that need to be addressed soon.