Today the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia struck down the FCC’s plan to massively reshape and ultimately regulate broadband users and companies that offer broadband service such as Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast. Our salute to the Associated Press for this little gem in such a large body of water when it comes to the FCC and this administration’s push to regulate everything from our bodies to what we say, hear, and what we see and how we gain access to information.

The irony in all of this is that candidate Obama used the internet like no candidate has before. He raised money, built support, and organized millions of young people by reaching out with the single most effective tool used by young people today, and that’s the internet. Most internet users in the world today are those between the ages of 16-35. So one has to wonder why all the sudden Obama wants to expand broadband access while at the same time pushing for more control of the internet through the FCC. My guess is he wants to silence as many voices as possible while trying to control is own message that has without a doubt been shaped for him, unlike during his time as a candidate when he had no problem getting the message out there to supporters. But as the loyal opposition does well, what the loyal opposition is suppose to do, conservatives have caught on to this thing called the internet. Or as George W. Bush put it: “the internets”.

I figured Barack Obama was a control freak but this is going too far, even for him. When you seek to control what people think, what they hear, what they see, and how they get information you’re not only taking the most essential freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of expression away from the people, you’re also disarming them of the two most powerful weapons citizens have to defend themselves from a dangerously intrusive and usurping government. Which I suppose would be the point in all of this. Barack Obama won’t stand for his message to be drowned out by the unruly right a second time, now he’s going to make sure he writes the rules, enforces them, buys the arena, and uses the best players to win the game. What we have to do is draw on this rare acknowledgment of the constitution by the courts and make our case from there.

One more point I want to make before I’m done, this push by the FCC to regulate broadband and their providers comes a week after AT&T complained about the cost they would bare due to Obamacare. I’m just saying some things add up better than others, it’s all a matter of how good you are at math.

But I suppose the FCC isn’t finished with their ultimate goal of controlling the airwaves, radio waves, and whatever waves come from computers. We’ve heard the rumblings from the left on this issue of the Fairness Doctrine, or as I like to call it the “Fearness Doctrine”. You had Ed Schultz on his radio show talking to all five of his listeners and complaining about how the Democrats need to bring it back because apparently according to Ed we’re int he midst of a culture war, and in the mind of Ed Schultz the right is winning.  You also heard Bill Press and “She ate too many Little” Debbie Stabenow express support for the Fairness Doctrine. So I would prepare for yet another battle.