I’m not one to play the race card so I won’t even entertain the notion that this is nothing but a bunch of white guys trying to “get the brother man”. Some say that Michael Steele is incompetent, he’s too off script, and he doesn’t stick to the RNC talking points. Well, as if RNC talking points were a good thing, it doesn’t matter if Michael Steele won’t recite them like a high school production of Hamlet. This latest “gaffe” if you want to call it that, is not a big deal. And it’s being blown out of proportion because the Republican Party of Washington is too afraid, and too worried about their polling data to stand for something and tell the truth.

This didn’t start with Michael Steele, but it’s just another example of the impotent leaderless establishment trying to muscle their way to the front of the line. He said quote, “This was a war of Obama’s choosing.”This is not something the United States had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in.” He also said if Obama was a student of history he should know that you don’t engage in a land war in Afghanistan because other nations have tried and failed. Now, I don’t know about you, but I find nothing false, inaccurate, or demeaning about that those statements.

First of all, he’s right, as far back as Alexander the Great nations have tried to conquer Afghanistan and they have failed. In recent memory the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and they failed. In fact, their reputation as a Military power was never the same after that conflict. Who’s to say our Military won’t be viewed in the same light? Are we so different? Are we so invulnerable to failure if our own commander in chief wants to pull out in a year? How can this man have his heart all in when he wants to leave next summer? Shame on the war mongers like Bill Kristol who criticized Michael Steele. Kristol said Steele’s comments don’t represent those of someone who should be chairman of the Republican Party.

That’s absurd; I’m an anti-war libertarian who favors leaving the Middle East altogether, does that makes me unqualified to run for RNC chairman? I’m against the United States being involved in international bodies like the UN and NATO, does that mean I could never win as a member of the GOP if I ran for office? You have these guys like Kristol and these other Republican elites who spew these talking points, and tow the line, and these guys sunk our ship in 2006, and 2008. The more war guys who want us to bomb Iran or at the very least support an Israeli led attack against Iran.

For every international crisis their solution is more wars and more bases on foreign land. You know these guys call themselves conservative, but are it conservative to launch wars across the globe? Is Military adventurism conservative? Then I’m not a conservative because I don’t believe in spreading our power across the world like its mulch on our lawns. You think the founders would support this stuff? The most conservative president we’ve ever had Calvin Coolidge, he was against foreign involvement and foreign alliances. He and Thomas Jefferson were the reason why I became a conservative libertarian. If they were around today I highly doubt they would support this nonsense.

And no, I’m not saying we shouldn’t have gone after the barbarians responsible for 9-11, but to have this war drag on for ten years now, propping up an obviously corrupt slimy eel in Hamid Karzai, and spending millions hand over fist and risking lives, at some point we have to ask ourselves when enough is enough. And to my fellow Republicans: How many years are too many? You want to be there for another 10? Maybe 20 years, how bout 50 years? Hell we’ll see the amount of time spent by Alex the Great and the Soviets and we’ll raise them four or five decades.

This war has gone on for too long and its time to leave. And if you disagree with Michael Steele, then you disagree with Pat Buchanan, George Will, and Ron Paul. Despite what Mr. Kristol has to say in his article, there are plenty of Republicans who now oppose this war and they have every right to be a member of the party.