That Blair “would rather step down than continue to serve as America’s top intelligence officer is a disturbing sign of the stranglehold the Obama White House has placed on America’s intelligence agencies,” said Rep, Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the top GOP member of the House intelligence panel. “Clearly, and understandably, Director Blair was frustrated by the White House’s micromanagement and sidelining of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on national security issues.” 

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We have an admin with an AG that will not say “radical islam” but the admin has no problem finding a fall guy for not giving briefings that weren’t crisp or well-presented.

“officials didn’t think the briefings were relevant to what the president was focused on that day or time period. They weren’t crisp or well-presented.”    abc political punch blog Jake Tapper.

I wonder who will be replacing Blair?   Someone who surely will never be caught saying “radical Islam”.   Or maybe we’ll outsource our intelligence to the UN.