Obama must have one heckuva bus.  Like a monster truck bus to run over so many people in such a short time.

You have to look pretty hard to see any news on the sinking of a S.Korean ship and death of 46 sailors.  S. Korea has released information pointing right at N.Korea.  Hillary even thinks it is strong evidence:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the evidence that a North Korean torpedo sank a South Korean navy ship is “overwhelming and condemning.”

Posted: 01:53 PM ET

So what does Hillary say next?   Get ready for the tough talk from cankles.

“We agree that North Korea must stop its provocative behavior, halt its policy of threats of belligerence towards its neighbors,

I must translate here as she is speaking Obamaism and Holderism,  “provocative behavior”=killing 46 sailors,   “belligerence”=killing 46 sailors and threatening “all out war” if retaliated against.

“I think it is important to send a clear message to North Korea that provocative actions have consequences.  We cannot allow this attack on South Korea to go unanswered by the international community.  So we will determine our best options moving forward and send a clear, unmistakable message to North Korea regarding the international community’s and its neighbors’ concerns about its behavior,” she said

There you go again, using “provocative” and “behavior”, see above translations .   Can’t you just hear Shrillary now?   “Kids, knock it off, don’t make me pull the car over! ”  or “Wait til your Dad gets home after his cigar with an intern!”    Ohh no, not the international community!!  Kim Jong Il has learned from Saddam Hussein that he Intl community will do much of nothing but those terrible scary “denouncements” from the UN types that sends shivers up your spine.

South Korean President has announced a televised address on Monday.

Dear Leader(Obama) might even come out and say someone “acted stupidly” soon, but don’t bet on it.   He is busy apologizing to the world.   What did we do to N Korea to provoke them?

46 sailors dead.