You just saw the next President.  President Romney.   It’s all over but the crying for the left.

Wow, no wonder the Dems and propaganda media are in full hate and smear mode!   What a convention!  Filled with realism, opportunity, accomplished people, not affirmative action frauds.

Rice-polished, solid, real, not a surprise for those that know her, but she definitely gained much credibility in the public eye.   I think Condi has been very hesitant to get back into public office ever since the relentless bashing by the propaganda media.  I see that changing as a new America is waking up to the hangover from the milli vanilli fraud obama.   She’ll eventually get full credit due.  Watch for Condi to get back in the game sometime in the next few years as the political climate changes with a President Romney.  I think she’ll change her mind.  She even hinted at being soured by her dream job, NFL commissioner, saying she’ll let Gooddell clean things up for awhile..haha

Martinez-wow, solid, real, no-nonsense, inspirational.  She has a definite connection with the average American to get out there and take some action, to improve themselves and great things can happen.   I’d say she was a huge surprise and will get much more attention.

Ryan-  boom, he is going to be nearly untouchable with cheap media smears.   Wolf Blitzer was reaching desperately to try and corner Ryan.   Blitzer has abandoned his slick take down because he has nothing left.    Ryan was wayyyyy too nice to him in an interview yesterday.   The Blitz has taken off his mask and is in full obamagandist mode.   Of course in the debates they will try to catch Ryan in Palinesque “who’s smarter than a fifth grader(joe biden)”  gotcha type stuff.   But I’m confident he’ll do well.  He has the drive and motivation.

Eastwood  the propagandists will get punked by Clint.  Clint’s performance(he’s an artist, not a politician) is a trojan horse.   Since Blitzer and his propaganda comrades panicked and had nothing bad to say about Rubio or Romney, they focused on Eastwood, a hollywood performer.   How pathetic do you get?    The punk on the Blitz is that Eastwood’s performance will resonate with all those indies and people who supported Obama, making it OK for them to wake up to reality of the fraud that was perpetrated on them.   The media will gladly spread his trojan horse performance far and wide trying to smear the Republicans with it, but actually it will be resonating with millions of people to release their inner doubt and fear about another 4 years of milli vanilli.

Rubio  A true rock star performance with substance.  Not a single word about Rubio in the propaganda media.   Need I say more?   They will ignore him because they are deathly afraid.  BOOM.

Romney -stellar, they guy just comes through with what he needs to do.   Not Reaganesque, not Rock Star-esque(people are tired of that phony rock star crap anyway).  BTW, why hasn’t Obama been referred to as rock star President? hmmmmm???   Obama is actually rock star esque, but of the Milli Vanilli lip sync variety.   Fraud, phony.   Romney was spot on.   Romney delivers consistently on what he needs to do.   Period.  Romney is pragmatic and does what it takes to get the job done.  Exactly what America needs and desires right now.

McCain-the loser as a candidate should have not been allowed as a speaker.   The RNC would have been much better off to give his spot to Palin.    In fact, the RNC should have tightly scripted McCain to introduce Palin.

Palin is much more media savvy now, a different, much improved speaker/media figure.  She would have added a lot of enthusiasm to the convention, perhaps not as a primary featured speaker but at least given McCains spot.   She deserved it much more than he did.

Notice the propaganda media tried to pump up the expectations of Romney’s speech all week saying he needs to performance of his life???  They were doing it on purpose.  Trying to set the bar “above his paygrade” to then rip him down for not delivering.   They failed.  Will the media adopt the same theme that Obama “has to have the performance of his life to win independents”?   Heck no they won’t.

The left is trying to relive their glory 4 years ago, trying to keep this a rock star popularity contest.   I’m sorry but that train left the station.  DEMS are out of touch.  People are hungry for realism, real life solutions.  They are out of resources, many out of options.  They want opportunity, not hand outs.   They have suffered through 4 years of lies and tremendous economic damage of obama throwing gasoline on the fire.  Many are still blinded, but enough of them have substantial internal doubt, as Eastwood’s “weird” performance so perfectly tapped that they have been given the OK to rethink, doubt, stay home, or perhaps change their vote to Romney.   Keep showing Eastwood’s  performance!

Notice the recurring theme in the media, stressed over and over on how the GOP MUST reach the independent voter!   This is no coincidence.  Do you think the media is trying to do the GOP any favors?  ummm hell no.   This election is about enthusiasm and GOTV.   Obama is PANICKED that he has no enthusiasm on his side.   Their GOTV on the Dem side will be much poorer than last election.   This is the reason the common theme among the propaganda media is trying to force the GOP to abandon its principle/it’s base and pander to independents to throw them off their game.   Although there needs to be appeal to that segment, this election will be won by enthusiasm and GOTV with enough appeal to the indies to consider a new way, a new opportunity.   Obama has offered them NOTHING but the same misery for another 4 years blaming others, division, suffering, excuses.

Actions speak louder than words and propaganda, obama’s campaign is trying to use hate, fear, division, divide and conquer among the various voting groups.  That is all they have.

That aside, I do hope the Republicans quietly rack up more and more governorships.  Look at all the turnarounds done by Republican Governors in states that had major problems.   They are numerous.   Look at all the failures by Democrat Governors, they are numerous.   Why are states records important?  Because states records are tougher to cover up by socializing/covering losses.   They show up a bit quicker to reveal problems.  That is more and more true the more you focus in more locally on counties and cities.

Although its very very important to have Republican control/leadership in DC, the real ultimate battle to get this country on track is the states taking back more power, budgets, control from DC for more decentralized management of this country, as 50 grand experiments, something exactly prescribed by the founders.   We’ll need help to do that in DC for sure, but we need a strong R Governors Assoc to work together to leverage their power as well.

I look forward to President Romney undoing the obamage, obamdisaster, and restoring conditions for new growth, new opportunity by hard working, industrious, and  resilient Americans!