Hillary Clinton, the Smartest Woman in America and would-be first female President, issued the following statement on August 30, the day Sarah Palin’s selection was announced:

We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.

That’s it. Thirty-nine words of perfunctory political pablum in response to one of the most significant political moves ever. Thirty-nine words are all the first serious female POTUS candidate can muster when another woman (a self-made, accomplished, experienced woman) follows in the path that she herself has helped blaze. Thirty-nine insipid words.

Nothing on Clinton’s campaign website about Palin. (There is new content since she dropped out — a link to assist Gustav victims, a link to her 2008 convention speech, and a tribute to the late Ohio Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones — so she is clearly still updating the site.)

Nothing on her Senate website, though the “For Sale” sign there makes me think many things vis-a-vis the Clintons apart from the mortgage crisis info it’s intended for.

She didn’t appear on any Sunday talk shows. She hasn’t spoken about Palin at Obama rallies since then. (I’m taking an educated guess at this, since well-disseminated well-nigh Gospel-esque Hillary-on-Palin quotes are conspicuous by their absence)

Nothing but those 39 words. Why?

Could Hillary be sitting back with her arms folded, smiling coldly at her own party, staring holes through anyone who looks her way, all as if to say, “Hey stupid Jackasses — this wouldn’t be an issue if I were the nominee.” Could she secretly be rooting for a McCain victory? Methinks that one is quite likely.

Perhaps she realizes that Sarah Palin represents everything she would like to be, but is not — self-made, happily married, real-world experienced, executive-experienced, non-strident, young, attractive, compelling, and wildly popular. Oh to be in the mind of the Smartest Woman in America, who has just been out-maneuvered by a PTA-member Hockey Mom.