Oh sweet reason, you do not desert me, when now the swine-flu-life-sucking-hand-wringers are an object of ridicule and laughter.

  • The 34 cases of Swine Flu confirmed in Massachusetts are “relatively mild” according to the Boston Globe.

Given that 36,000 Americans who die of flu every year, and there has been exactly one death in the United States from the Swine Flu, who will take to task the the fear-sells-ads-on-television and sells newspapers crowd?

These people are collectively spineless, childish, immature, whining cowards who spun up the country and the globe over — what — a mild flu.

God, I hate cowards.  They have no soul, no vision, no game.

They feel fear, and drink it, and act emotionally and irrationally.  They inflate risk in their minds-eye and point to it and use inflated-risk-based-fear as a transmittable contagion.

On a plane this weekend I coughed once and some white-knuckled-television-news-watching-young-man hysterically yells “cover your mouth!”

I laughed.

They happen to also be the same life-sucking-hand-wringing elites that push people to be fear-ridden and paralyzed from acting on anything.

How many people did not get on a plane, go to a movie or a sporting event or to the mall, kiss their wife or their girlfriend or boyfriend or kiss a just met flame?

The zombied-I-believe-the-TV-news, lead by the life-sucking-hand-wringers will be the death of this great nation.