Swine Flu is in 41 states and there are 2,500 cases, with 104 Americans in the hospital.

It will spread to the other 9 states shortly, and there have been 2 deaths to date.

In fact, the estimates are that virtually everyone will become infected if exposed to the Swine Flu, and that a about 40% will show some symptoms, either mild or strong.  This does not mean death.  The death rate is less than or equal to the annual, run of the mill flu.

Without context, these numbers may be alarming.

The Swine Flu is just the flu, it a new flu, but it is just the flu.

The figures that the US government does not share are the number of people infected that showed no symptoms — why, because they do not get sick, and are not tested.  Only those who have strong symptoms may or may not be tested.

So the numbers are inherently misleading and alarming.

The human herd contracts and builds immunities to every new flu, unless it kills them.  Annually, about 36,000 Americans die from the flu.

Will there be more infections, likely tens of millions.  Will there be deaths?  Yes.

But it is the natural process that has been going on for thousands of years.  And the virus, notwithstanding Man’s best intentions, cannot be stopped.  The UN guidelines are that once 30 people are infected with a new virus it is too late to close the border.

In other words, virtually every new virus that becomes a “pandemic” infects far too many people before it is even detected, for it to be stopped, just like Swine Flu — especially if a large percentage of the population does not show symptoms.

This is why it makes great sense to add a lethality component to the pandemic alert system for any new virus — since the fear-and-loathing factor when headlines scream Pandemic is high, but when the new virus is as strong as the seasonal flu, the economic and psychological tolls exceed any benefit of screaming Pandemic.

All that does is convince the population that the “experts” are crying-wolf, making everyone less likely to listen to them when a new virus with a lethality rate higher than the seasonal flu arrives on the global scene.

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