The first thing to read today, is historically significant.

It is the first time a lioness of the left has called for Speaker Pelosi to step down, in print, in the MSM, citing the Congressional health care reform train wreck. Published today in Salon, it is titled Obama’s healthcare horror.

The second development is a far more serious, structural political problem for the Democrats — senior opposition to Obamacare keeps going up. The first one to tag it publicly was the New Republic, in an article titled “Repeat the Question,” by Stanley Greenberg, President Clinton’s pollster during the Hillarycare train wreck. Now, Politico has further documented the senior’s opposition.

Even the far-left AARP, who cannot help themselves but to support Obama, is finding it tough going among its own members, and was forced to issue this statement today.

And another Clinton health care warrior and veteran has really (just like Greenberg in his piece linked to above) pinned the tail on the donkey (so to speak) for the Dems-with-health-care-reform-at-any-cost-blindfolds-on (think Obama-Pelosi-Waxman). This from, no less, the New York Times, quoting Harold Pastor, who no doubt has read Greenberg’s piece and seen the Greenberg polling data:

“The expectation was that things have gotten so bad in the last 16 years that there would be consensus on the need to act this time,” said Howard Paster, who was Mr. Clinton’s chief lobbyist in 1993. “That was a mistake, that assumption.”

The question, really is much less about whether Pastor is correct — when you hear an avalanche, and feel an avalanche, and see an avalanche really there is an avalanche (really, really).

It is very funny, in a dark humor sort of way, to watch the Democrats try to off-handedly state that clogging the Senate switchboard is no big deal, it just proves that the switchboard has a capacity that is exceeded and that the anger they are encountering at town hall meetings is a) manufactured or b) is really not relevant politically — as if it happens all the time. And therefore, they think, they must set up their own reporting system by their own spies and allies — send us all the emails that look fishy — pls, someone, send this.

The question is what is the White House going to do about being wrong about this key “things have changed” assumption?

My strong sense is they will change nothing. Their actions are merely to dig in and double down for the umpteenth time — meaning their loss will be even greater. (Does anyone at the White House play poker?) And the power of the bully pulpit, in a rapidly degrading approval rating environment, has also been rapidly degraded.

And because they don’t listen and won’t change their plan (they are convinced it is a message problem.) Like Hillary Clinton, they will get nothing, nada, zilch, zero.

If they radically change their plan, they may ultimately get something, but then they would have to go on bended knee to Senator Baucus, who they have repeatedly, and publicly dissed. Pride and arrogance meet your best friends and lovers: the architects of Obamacare — an affair which will end in the fall, in a fall.