Roy Ramthun has written a great paper on HHS’s proposed-final regulation on Medical Loss Ratio, and how it will impact HSAs and other Bronze Plans in the exchanges:

The final medical loss ratio (MLR) regulations will likely create a vacuum for affordable coverage that cannot be filled by Bronze plans under the state insurance exchanges. If the “essential benefits” and “actuarial value” requirements are equally as discriminatory, there will be no affordable options available and the cost of subsidies will skyrocket. As a result, millions of Americans that have policies today that could have qualified as Bronze plans will be forced to change their coverage or drop coverage because they can no longer afford it.

Ramthun’s paper is here.

My last RedState post, which is on this exact subject, is here.

Roy has outlined how you can help, by commenting on the HHS rule — but you must comment by the January 6, 2012 deadline!