This guy is the real deal.

He got up at 3AM, drove up here, did a radio interview at 8AM, a fund raiser at noon, a TV interview in the afternoon, then a speech to the BREC at 7PM before driving back to Miami.

The speech to the BREC was amazing.  Having now heard him speak 3 time in the last 10 days, I was expecting it to be somewhat repetitious at this point.   But it wasn’t, he had different examples to give, and covered different topics.  My take away is that he really does hold these convictions as core beliefs.

One telling point tonight when he was taking questions and got into a discussion about our Cuban Asylum policy.  The gentleman asking the question began to argue his personal belief and the Chairman tried to cut him off.  Marco turned around and told the Chairman that he wanted to finish the discussion “because he is raising a valid point and deserves an answer”.

Marco received several standing ovations, and I overheard many people say, “This is the guy we need.”

I’m just amazed at what a good candidate he is.  I think EPU is going to be calling me a Marcohead soon. 🙂