Technorati ProfileIn a time where people are focused on money and money issue it is easy to forget a fundamental principal the most valuable commodity we have is not found in our bank accounts or in our portfolios it is Time. We are put on this earth with a finite amount of Time and what we do with it defines our greatness. True greatness is not really measured by how much we have, who we know or the car we drive but on how well we use the precious and limited Time given to us at birth. Some choose to waste it through substance abuse, others through complaints of why not me or claims of inequality, some through hatred and negativism and others through apathy. Many people have achieved greatness despite handicaps, despite discrimination, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles not because they were lucky or because they had help but because they chose to use their Time to move forward rather than make excuses. This country of ours is in trouble and being torn apart by turmoil and discontent. Now is not the Time for blame, for excuses, for pointing fingers it is a Time for unity and unity in action. It burns me that people liken Obama to Kennedy. It is the testament to the greatness of a leader when his speeches are Timeless and can stir the emotions of the listener long after the time when the speech was written and long after the period the speech was written for. When Kennedy became President it was a Time of turmoil and discontent. This country was in trouble and we needed greatness in a leader. We needed a leader whose skills, integrity, experience and charismatic charm could stave off the doom looming within our borders. Kennedy’s articulate charismatic charm was his and not a hat placed on him because people were so unhappy with the prior leadership. Can anyone honestly liken Obama to a man whose mission statement was founded on the principle “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. Obama is no Kennedy while McCain has lived his entire life giving back to his country.

Do not choose our leader at a Time when leadership has never been so critical to our way of life because of your contempt of the current administration. This is a country of checks and balances and while the current administration is lead by a republican, Congress is led by Democrats. The blame of our plight is not the result of one party or the other it is the blame of all in Government and on all of us who allowed them to remain. I too wish for change but change is not found in a candidate’s party affiliation but in the spirit and integrity of the person standing at the podium.

Senator McCain spent his Time serving our country in war, serving his men and fellow prisoners as a beacon of hope and strength as POW and serving the citizens of this great country as a leader of change in government. Senator McCain selflessly chose to sacrifice his Time in a POW prison so that others who had spent more Time could be released first.

Senator McCain has a reputation of going against the grain because he believes in an issue and for this he has earned a reputation as being a Maverick, standing on his principals rather than caving to the popular vote. Only great people understand that principals only really mean something when you stand up for them when it is not convenient.

Obama spent much of his Time as a member of a church whose leader was filled with hate and rage which he preached to his congregation and to Obama for more than 20 years. That is a lot of Time spent listening to hate and rage; is it not reasonable to assume that some of that hate and rage resonates within Obama’s character? Did not Obama state that the leader of his church was a spiritual mentor in his life? Does a child exposed to abuse in his home over Time not have abusive tendencies later in life? Obama has served his community as a community leader and his brief stint as a Senator. His service is appreciated and respected but a reasonable person must ask if this is enough experience and enough Time serving the citizenry to handle the big decisions that go with leading the Free World?

Obama may or may not have greatness within him but he has not been around long enough or done enough with his life to entrust him as the leader of the free world. It is no coincidence why the age requirement of the Presidency is what it is. The goal is to put into office a person who has had ample Time to show his or her ability to lead, enough Time to document successes and to have experienced enough so that in that critical moment they can draw on their life’s experiences to make critical decisions that affect the lives o every citizen in this country. The fact that Obama tends to flip-flop back and forth depending on what reads better in the press should give some indication as to what may lie down the road.

People tend to only yammer about wanting change but never step up. The time for yammer has passed, NOW is the time for all Americans to step up and really invest in change. Let’s all invest in our future, the future of our children and our country’s future by using our Time to make a change. Time is the most precious commodity we all have and it is blind to race, religion, preferences or party affiliations. Take the Time to vote for a real change and put honesty and integrity in office instead of glitz and glam. Step up and vote for leadership like it was supposed to be, like we all wished it was and cast your vote for McCain.