The discussion today, with literally millions of voters taking, some for the first time, a look at Sen Barack Obama and his on-going friendships with known terrorists, has prompted me to drag this piece from May out of mothballs.

I won’t bore you with the entire piece. It is, of course, available here with all associated links to the original materials.

This will simply be, for those just tuning in to the political wars, a brief synopsis of the main article.When George Stephanopoulos asked Sen Barack Obama about his relationship with former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers at the Philadelphia Democrat Presidential Debate on April 16, Obama dismissed the question. He called it “gotcha politics.”

Sen Obama dismissed Ayers as just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” Astoundingly enough, that dismissive answer was enough for an inquisitive press, who immediately dropped the subject completely. Now, because those evil conservatives on the far right keep bringing it up, it has once again resurfaced as at least a tangential campaign issue.

So, according to Sen Obama, his relationship to Ayers is “flimsy.” Just as his 20 year relationship with the Rev Wright belies his words of dismissal, so does his long-term relationship with Ayers. An examination of that relationship is in order.

In an earlier article at The HinzSight Report I point out the now widely reported connection between Obama and William Ayers in 1995, with the beginning of his political campaign for the Illinois Senate. In that article, I stated:

That 1995 meeting, in the home of Ayres and Dohrn was Obama’s introduction to Chicago politics. Ayers, a known former domestic terrorist was a mover and shaker in Chicago politics, and it was known that if you wanted to make it, you went through him. State Senator Alice Palmer facilitated the introduction.

This is old news to most of us here, but is still news to some newly interested voters. That article also delved into the Woods Fund, on which board of directors Obama and Ayrers served together from 1999 until 2002. That was a philanthropic foundation that gave away thousands of dollars, including at least two grants to organizations with terrorist ties.

Then, there is the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Created in 1995,