In every successful Revolution, there comes a time when the Revolutionary becomes the establishment. The Revolutionary becomes accostomed to the acruments of power, and becomes complacent in keeping that power.

Whenever this happens, a new grassroots revolution becomes necessary.

A prime example would be the Gingrich Revolution of 1994. Idealistic Conservative Republicans came to power as a result of widespread incompetence and corruption from the ruling Democratic majority — a majority that had held the halls of Congress for more than forty years.

Within a decade, that revolution had stagnated as Republicans became enamored of power, and all that power brought to them. Access to power was bought and sold in much the same way that it had previously been bought and sold by the Democrats.

Similarly, revolutionary organizations outside of government — grassroots organizations arising from the people — have, once attaining the inner circle, become caught up in the power of access, and begun to bargain for that access to the detriment of their principles. When access becomes more important than principle, that organization becomes useless to the people it is supposed to serve.

When this happens, it becomes the duty of the people to begin a new Revolution — a grassroots movement to reshape the structure of power — to return that power to the people from whom it originally sprung.

Now is such a time.

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