The captain of a ship sets a DESTINATION. In order to achieve his goal of a long voyage, (S)He must plot a course. key landmarks, known hazards, potential storms and condition of the crew must all be taken into account. As the ship departs, depending on the berth from which it it received its cargo, it may not be pointing in the direction of the destination. The course plot takes that into consideration and makes the necessary turns until she is out in the open sea and ready to run FULL SPEED AHEAD. Course corrections will always be necessary, but the destination never changes. The Libs and Dems have got this SOCIALIST takeover all mapped out in much the same way. The Libs destination has ALWAYS been government control of the individual, and the usurpation of the Constitution of The United States. Years of preparation brought them to the Jan 20 departure date. Obama came onboard as the new captain, straight from the corporate office, fully expecting his crew to bare hand in making the destination a reality, so that the ships owners, Soros, Huffington, Gore, GE, Dean, et al., would profit substantially from the safe arrival of the cargo ship fully laden will all of the Libs dreams. Enter the laws of physics Murphy . As he ship of state departs, the captain has run afoul of thousands of acres of seaweed that are choking his seawater intakes, propellers, and rudder, all making the ship hard to control and keep cool. Seaweed is the grass of the sea. it will grow wherever it wants, will not always be visible from such a narrow angle of vision as from the bridge, and can be very damaging to a campaign of deliverance.

Let’s all make sure that grassroots continue to plague the progress of this ship of chaos. We the tugboats, can be sent out to recover her, bring her back to port and repair her. And while we’re at it, we can replace the crew.

Estimated repair completion date, November, 2010.