I am putting this out there for those who may be experiencing or observing, voter fraud.

This is not just about voter fraud. With the election so close, only a couple of weeks away, as of the date of this post!

I cannot believe, this is happening to me. Or is it? Shoot, I don’t even know what to call it.

But oh my, my, I am very, very worried!

I sent my voter registration card in, September 22, 2008 for a change of address, because I moved.

I live in Beaufort, SC

I have to admit, in retrospect, I feel like an idiot now. It was too close to the election to take such a chance.

But my life is crazy, hectic and I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, between taking care of my elderly mother, who has dementia and watching our country, fall apart, right before my eyes, I forgot about the card for a week or two!

I did not think that this would go on in my little town.

And I hope, I am wrong.

There is no number in the phone book, at least not the phone book’s I have, with a number or address to the Voter Registration office.

I am persistent, however.

The only way I was able to find them, was via the county courthouse, where they transfer your call, to the Voter Registration office.

I have called and left messages inquiring into the whereabouts of my voter registration card.

I finally got someone to answer the phone. It seemed like total chaos over there!

We “probably” sent it to the address on your card.

I exclaimed, “What?! No, I did not want it to go to the address on my card, which is why I put on the front of the envelope, “attention, change of address,”I filled out the back of the card with my new address, because I moved!”

It was like putting a stick, in an ant hill! No one knew what to tell me!

So, Monday, October 20, 2008, I am carrying my little ole self down to their office, now that I got an address from them while I had them on the phone, to find out where my updated, current, voter registration card is!

I hope to God, ACORN is not in my town.

You try to educate yourself to prevent this kind of crap, and when it hits you, it’s a very sinking feeling of fear and dread!

Just curious, are you or someone you know having any problems with, voter registration?

I think I will do a poll. I have one set up at my web page

I have a few polls over there now, feel free to participate.


It’s the only way I know to express my anger, outrage, concern and just plain vent, hoping to get the idiots in Washington, to listen up, ya’ll!

This poll will be: Are you or do you think you are a victim, of Voter fraud?


Thank you, FOX news, Fox and friends, Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen, (my family are Carlson’s from Sweden) Steve “Doocy, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, CNN’s, Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs, for telling us the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and in the process, of me trying to keep myself informed and educated, you reminded me, inadvertently……………….

I have not received my card yet!

Kuddos to you!

Bill O’Reilly, sorry, I am mad at you right now. You are really worrying me! I like Fox being fair and balanced, but I see Lady Justice peeking through the blindfold, at you!I will give you a hint: Your segment about Obama, ACORN……..correspondent, Laura Ingraham.

Bill….are you a Patriot or Pinhead? Don’t make me take a poll!

P.S. again….check out my next blog, Geraldo Rivera has an excellent idea, on how to spread the wealth!