Anyone in The Philippines reading this, or having relatives or friends there, please help find out just what in the blazes is going on.


From The Manila Bulletin:

No water until July 23.
Waterless spell to last as long as 14 hours.

After the rotating brownouts, come rotating waterless days.

Maynilad, the water concessionaire for the so-called West Zone, announced on Saturday that vast areas of Metro Manila and Cavite are now experiencing no water supply for 12 to 14 hours a day until July 23 due to the 30 percent decline in its raw water allocation.


Yeah, I’m just hearing about it too and I look for stuff like this.

I just started checking into it a little deeper and………

Well……… Have a go at these links:



October 2009 – Philippine Headline News Online   Rotating Blackouts Hit Eastern Metro.     (Manila)

This next link is from one of the blatantly obvious ICLEI-tilted companies called ‘Global Biomass’ – They’re appearing to be all-in on sustainable development, etc.

February 2010  Rotating Blackouts expected to return to the Philippines.

March 1, 2010 – ABS-CBN News   Rotating blackouts hit Luzon.



February 10 2010 –  NIA starts water rationing to CamSur farms.

February 20 2010 – Iloilo starts rationing water.


Something’s not computing in my head about all this.

Can’t even give it a smell test yet because of the overpowering odor.

I have a gut sense we’re in seriously major territory here and I haven’t seen media outside of the area reporting about it.

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