Current events are what they are, and the reasons for the 2008 and 2006 disasters are for other discussions. Where to go from here, party purges, fighting the treason media, buying up strategic treason media outlets [business genius Romney agrees with EPU on this — eat that, you doubters], also for other discussions. Today I want to talk about conservative discipleship.

For the purposes of this discussion I will refer to conservatism as that philosophy taught by Russell Kirk, co-founder of the 20th-century resurrection of conservatism — along with his friends and compatriots William F Buckley and Barry Goldwater — and the faithful disciple of Edmund Burke, the Father of conservatism. But this is not going to be a treatise on specifics.

Rather, this is a plea, a call to the troops — learn it, live it, fight for it, and most importantly TEACH it. This last step, I believe, is perhaps where conservatives fail, in an area we could and should PWN those lying, cheating, venal Democrats. Certainly after the Conservative Revolution of 1994, it is widely agreed (20/20 hindsight) that we, after winning the Congress in one large, stunning upset, assumed foolishly that the American people got conservatism, that the battle for hearts and minds had been won. We paid a dear price for that. Now history is going to repeat. In the next two years the Dems will run this country into the ground economically and militarily, taking away as many rights as possible — and the Repubs are poised to come roaring back in 2010. At that time, we want to be on message, ready to teach America and lead it back to greatness. So, let’s start boning up now, friends.

For discipleship training, observe how it was done in the Bible. [And if that offends you, then I’ll offend you further — bite me, pal. I got nothing against atheists, but I’ve grown weary of bigots. You should embrace the benefits of wisdom from those who came before you when it presents itself, and you are a stupid dolt if you do not. Savvy?]

2 Timothy 2:2 (NASB)The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

Note that there are 4 generations here.

  • The teacher (Paul)
  • The prize student (Timothy)
  • ‘faithful men’, men that Timothy will teach what he was taught by Paul
  • ‘others also’, a future fourth generation of adherents to Paul’s teaching

Discipleship is done hands-on. Jesus had 12. He had thousands upon thousands of followers, but 12 disciples, whom he poured His heart into and taught carefully. In the final accounting, 10 of the 12 died deaths as martyrs (1 was a traitor, and John, well he simply would not die). They taught, they planted churches all across the Roman Empire. The second generation of disciples was martyred mercilessly, yet the Gospel spread like wildfire. It was said by Christians that the blood of the saints was the seed of the next generation of Christians. Polycarp learned at the feet of John (the disciple of Jesus), and his statement at his own execution (at a stadium in Rome, presumably the Coliseum?) is one for the ages.

Polycarp had been well-taught by John, who had been well-taught by Jesus. He had the courage of his convictions, and he both taught and lived them – obedient even to death to what John had taught him. Polycarp’s prize disciple was Iranaeus, who later was instrumental in finally putting the heresy of Gnosticism to the dagger.

So conservative discipleship includes careful teaching. It requires that you and I hold conservative principles near to our hearts. It requires that we be willing to fight for them. For example, fighting the good fight to get conservatives into leadership positions in the House and Senate, state Houses, the Republican Party (RNC Chair). It requires we fight the local school boards when they go STUPID LIBERAL on us. It requires that we face down the Treason Media. It requires that we do our dead-level best to get Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Kent Conrad into prison for the Fannie/Freddie mess and their part in it.

I believe that the heart of America is center-right, and I believe that if Americans are properly TAUGHT conservative principles, ALL across the spectrum, in grassroots, from the well of the Senate and House, from pundits on FoxNews (between yelling matches) and at RedState, TMR, NR, Human Events, Townhall, Powerline, NextRight, letters to editors, op-eds, on college campuses (underground, of course), and so on — and if in addition the Republican Party ran leader-type, courageous conservative candidates teaching conservatism — we would storm back into political power and rescue the nation from socialism, confiscatory taxes, social engineering, suppressed freedoms and compass-free moral decay. If we keep it up, we could contemplate the possibility of a permanent majority.

Truth resonates in peoples’ hearts. Conservatism is not always immediately intuitive. Policies like welfare reform, capital punishment, DE-regulation, lowering taxes on corporations, these things require just a little thought or guidance. Not all that much, but the treason media have so poisoned the people with respect to conservatism, that it does have to be taught.

But let me say again. Americans are center-right. When they hear conservative truth presented well, their hearts resonate with “yeah. That’s what I always thought was true, but nobody says that anymore.” I’ll not beat the dead horse here about who should have been the GOP nominee, but Fred Thompson did what I’m talking about – he is this generation’s conservative beacon, because he TEACHES conservatism in ways that real and normal people respond to.

Today I’m not teaching the Kirk principles, although very soon I’ll resume the Fredhead series on those. We have several diarists who are taking up the mantle with some good stuff. Today I am just making the point. Let’s start learning and getting solid on the fundamentals. Start now. Load your armory with all the Kirk, Reagan, and Fred you can get your hands on — and Sowell, Goldwater, Limbaugh (Dve & Rush) as well — , with the purpose in mind that you are going to sell it and teach it to your friends at work and church, your clubs, your pool hall, your newspaper editors, your radio call in shows, and of course RedState, TMR, Townhall, LGF, Malkin, and so on.

You might even start infiltrating HuffPo, Digg, comment sections on articles at ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, NYT, WaPo, LATimes, and your local paper’s website. If you bring the basics (rather than leading off with ‘abortion is MURDER’), you can teach people who are willing to be taught.

So, have we an accord? Shall we learn, with a view toward teaching America?

Unfair. Unbalanced. Unmedicated. — Frank J.

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