Over at the I Hate My State Hotel, Steve Nash and Los Soles are checking the menu:

Karma for breakfast.
Karma for lunch.
Karma for dinner.

Karma-and-eggs, with a short karma stack on the side. Karma salad for the weight-conscious. Chili con karma. Chicken a la karma. Karma on wheat (since karma on white might offend their delicate racist sensitivities). Bundt karma with cinnamon swirls. Karma pudding. Karma pie.

And my personal favorite. Chicken fried karma.

This Thursday, I can go back to hating the Lakers, as I have done my whole life. But today I say, with not a single bit of regret, remorse, or irony:


They erased the Suns from the playoffs, thereby making right a tremendous injustice committed by the Suns owner

Yes, it’s a little thing, but this really stuck in my craw. For those who have REALLY been out of touch with the national scene lately, I will give you the totally short version of events.

  • In April, Arizona passed a law with overwhelming public support (64-30%) making federal immigration crimes ALSO state crimes, giving local cops some teeth to fight with.
  • America shouted agreement, 59-32% in favor of the law. Today it’s 55-33% in favor of passing the same law in their own states.
  • Against the will of the population (naturally), the roof has been raised by Democrats, the president, the media, Hollywood (i.e., the usual suspects) and various lefty cities, calling Arizona racist and divisive. Boycotts are now in place, and AG Eric “those New Black Panthers with clubs outside the voting place were just misunderstood” Holder is threatening a lawsuit of the bill which he has never read.
  • On May 4, Robert Sarver, owner of the Phoenix Suns, declared the Suns would wear a special jersey logoed “Los Suns” [forgive his grammar, he’s an idiot; correct would be “Los Soles”], specifically to express his displeasure with what he called “a flawed law”. Steve Nash, their all-star guard, team leader, and Canadian citizen, expressed his support rather ardently.
  • Meanwhile, in the face of fierce media and Democrat opposition, state support has climbed to 71-24%. Governor Brewer has openly mocked Holder and Obama for their silly statements without having read the bill, even releasing youtube videos. San Diego and Los Angeles, two cities early on the “boycott Arizona” bandwagon, are themselves facing boycotts from Arizona. 40% of Arizonans favor boycotting the boycotters, and 46% have declared they will not personally go to cities or states that boycott Arizona.
  • Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce, published a letter on May 20 mocking Los Angeles, which gets 20% of its electricity from Arizona, and suggesting that maybe the juice should be turned off if Los Angeles was really serious about boycotting Arizona.
  • Numerous movements are afoot nationwide to “buycott Arizona”, and to “boycott the boycotters”.
  • Barack’s classy “uniter not a divider” input was to invite Mexico’s thug president Calderon to come before the United States House of Representatives, and completely trash Arizona for its supposedly draconian immigration laws — which is like the pot calling the white enamel kettle black, considering Mexico’s own draconian immigration laws. I am flabbergasted as to why no Arizona representative did not walk up to him and clock him right there on the floor of the House. Flake, Shaddegg, this was your time to shine.
  • Considering the public behavior of Barack in that affair, in letting Mexico declare open war on Arizona: it’s apparent that he wants to be president of only 56 states now.

The crass behavior of the Phoenix Suns robbed America of a way to support Arizona and tell the press and the Democrats to go jump off a bridge. We were forced to cheer AGAINST Los Soles in order to cheer FOR Arizona. Kobe, Phil Jackson, and company did us proud, beating Los Soles in their own den in Game 6 to put them down and out of the playoffs. Serves them right (that’s what karma means, in case you did not know).

You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I’m with the Lakers in the finals too. A little gratitude was earned. Just remember this when you look at that smug, smarmy, cheating-on-his-wife, whine-to-the-refs-all-day Kobe Bryant. He’s not perfect, but there’s one thing he sure enough has right, that Steve Nash, Robert Sarver, Eric Holder and Barack Obama have NOT figured out. He’s proud to be an American.

PS – special note from me to the governor, state Legislature, and the citizens of Arizona: you guys have done us all proud; not only passing a good, equitable, and compassionate law, but also extending the warm middle finger of fellowship to those who have smeared and defamed you for it. You’ve done it all with courage and aplomb not seen all that often. As a Texan, I tip my hat to you.