SUMMARY: We will win this if we get help from outside the state.

Note: this update is based on the emails I receive from the Yes on 8 campaign.

Proposition 8 is the ballot initiative in California that will amend the Constitution to define marriage as a man and a woman. There is a huge amount of opposition to this bill from Hollywood and the other usual suspects.

CA is the largest state in the union and is the cultural trend-setter of our country. If Californians consent to having gay marriage forced on them, it won’t be long until it comes to your state, especially if Obama gets 3 appointments to the Supreme Court.

Prop 8. was behind in the polls (based on lack of advertising) until Yes on 8 ( started airing some very effective ads a couple weeks ago. Support immediately shot up 10 points and polls now show that Prop. 8 is ahead by a margin of 48% Yes to 45% No (CBS/Survey USA poll taken 10/15)


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But now the No on 8 campaign is raising money at an unprecedented pace.

The San Jose Mercury News reports:

*Equality California, the lead organization for the No on 8 campaign, has raised more than $3 million within California since Oct. 6, including a $1 million contribution Tuesday from the California Teachers Association..The No on 8 campaign has also received commitments for an additional $4 million in donations that have not been received.*

The big issue right now is whether or not gay marriage will be taught in schools if this bill fails. Yes on 8 is about to air a new ad that tells the story of Robb and Robin Wirthlin whose son was read a book about a prince who married another prince and the two men went on to become, “King and King.” The book includes a scene of the two male princes kissing each other.

When the Wirthlins contacted school officials to complain about gay marriage being forced on young children in the Massachusetts public schools, they were told they had no right to control the curriculum, no right to be notified when gay marriage might be taught in school, and no right to pull their child from class.

The Wirthlins courageously decided to fight the system, and filed a lawsuit in federal court in Boston. Unfortunately, both the district court and the Court of Appeals ruled against them, stating that parents had no right to be notified of this instruction or to remove their children from class while gay marriage was being taught. Just a few days ago the United States Supreme Court refused to hear their case.

No on 8 has taken a 9-to-1 lead in fundraising in just the last week. To date, 95% of the financial support for prop 8. has been from Californians.

We need your help