There have been a couple of calls for a Tea Party Surge / Code Red Rally for this upcoming Saturday, March 20, in D.C. (See also Jon Voigt’s call here.)

As much as I’d like to go, I can’t. However, my husband and I would be willing to financially help out others who can go, and I imagine there are others who might be in the same position we are.

I’d like to propose that RedState set up a fund to help out with travel expenses for those who are going to the rally this weekend. Here’s how I suggest it might work.

RedState already has a contributions page. If they could quickly and easily update it to include a note field, anyone wishing to contribute to this fund could simply type in an agreed upon note like “Code Red Rally Travel Expense Fund”. However, given that the contributions are run through a third party, they might not be able to do this easily. As an alternative, we could agree that anyone interested in contributing to this fund could choose the “other” payment option and enter values ending in 3 cents (example $100.03).  This would provide a “quick and dirty” method for RedState to determine which contributions were meant for the special fund and which for their normal operating expenses.

On the outgoing end, people who wish to receive one of these travel expense “scholarships” (for lack of a better word) would have to submit proof that they’d been to D.C. over the weekend (either a date-stamped photo or a PDF-ed receipt or something similar) to RedState.  Further, I’d suggest that they’d have to have been members of RedState for at least a month, and probably would go as far as suggesting that they need to have a diary / comment history indicating they’re actually conservatives.  (We don’t want our money going to trolls who would use it to communicate the opposite message we want communicated in D.C.)

Just doing a quick “back of the envelope” calculation, I’d suggest these scholarships pay out roughly 10 to 20 cents per mile, based on the round-trip distance between the recipient’s home and D.C. (This would of course depend on how much money went into the fund and how many people applied for the scholarships.) I know this wouldn’t completely cover their expenses, but it might make enough of a difference to help.

Anyway, I don’t know if we can pull this off, but if it can be set up, I’d certainly be willing to contribute.