How can this be? I thought only Republicans had these entanglements.

How inconvenient.

Billionaire Penny Pritzker helped run Hinsdale, Ill.-based Superior [Bank], overseeing her family’s 50% ownership stake. She now serves as Barack Obama’s national campaign-finance chairwoman, which means her banking past could prove to be an embarrassment to her — and perhaps to the campaign.

Naturally, the Obama campaign says Ms. Pritzker has done nothing wrong, but of course Senator Obama “has long criticized predatory subprime mortgage lenders and urged strong actions against them.”

But then, if Ms. Pritzker has done nothing wrong, why has “her family agreed to pay $460 million to help defray the costs of Superior’s collapse.”

And how much money has Ms. Pritzker raised Mr. Obama from disreputable subprime mortgage lenders and their associates?