Tonight we finally saw what so many of us have been waiting for. John McCain mopped the floor with Barack Obama.

Throughout the night, Barack Obama looked distant, like he did not want to be there, like he was annoyed. He really looked annoyed all night.

McCain on the other hand looked like the comeback kid — the guy who knew he had to do well. And he did.

Here is why it mattered.

Between October 24th and 27th of 1980, Jimmy Carter was ahead of Ronald Reagan by six points. Obama is up three in the traditional Gallup poll and up eight in the expanded Gallup poll.

This becomes very doable for John McCain tonight. It becomes very doable.

McCain talked to independents in a way that also helped him with conservatives. In fact, McCain finally talked about ridiculous spending, sending the weird independent panel with CNN soaring.

Barack Obama thought he owned it and thus failed. Maybe he should not be measuring the curtains just yet.