The implications of this article are downright frightening.

former Republican congressional candidate Tan Nguyen [ ] ran for office in the 47th Congressional District of California in 2006 against incumbent Loretta Sanchez. On October 1, the Civil Rights Division announced the indictment of Nguyen for obstruction of justice for supposedly making “misleading statements to investigators” regarding a letter that was sent to Latino voters during the election. This investigation and indictment represents a particularly egregious example of the government persecuting someone for engaging in perfectly legal behavior. Essentially, Nguyen is being prosecuted for having informed voters of the truth, although it is a truth disliked by the career lawyers in the Civil Rights Division.

The letter (in Spanish) that is the basis of the indictment was apparently sent out to Latino voters by the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR). It told voters that if they were a citizen of the United States, they should “participate in the democratic process of voting.” However, the letter warned voters that if they were residing in this country illegally, “voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time” and for which they could be deported. The letter made clear that voting in any election “if you are not a citizen of the United States” would be “useless and dangerous.”

According to the article, nothing in the letter was false. Nonetheless, the Department of Justice wants to go after people allegedly involved in voter “suppression” efforts, even without statutory authority to do so.

What makes this troubling is that the Department of Justice officials who made the call to do this are career guys, not Presidential appointees. More troubling, these same lawyers are Obama supporters. We need to keep our eyes on this situation.