The Toledo Blade gets today’s award for rigorous media adherence to Democratic talking points with this article titled “Ohio’s Brunner seeks aid from high court” with the subtitle “Rights of about 200,000 Ohio voters rest on justices’ decision.”

The “aid” implies some form of relief for a wrong. That wrong would be the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which ordered Brunner to comply with federal law.

The “rights of about 200,000 Ohio voters” ignores the rampant voter fraud by ACORN and the fact that, from the article, “About 200,000 of 666,000 voters who have registered since Jan. 1 have records that don’t match.”

Here is what the article leaves out: Brunner has done this in the past, as did Secretary of State Ken Blackwell before her. This year, Brunner defied federal law and ignored her past practices. Now that the election is upon us, she’s claiming she doesn’t have time.

Running out the clock on yourself really is no defense to ignore the law.

But kudos to the Toledo Blade for failing to point out the facts. No wonder their subscriber base is dwindling and ad revenue is plunging.

H/t to Maggie Thurber