The NRCC has yanked ads from TX-22, where they’d been pouring money in to Pete Olson’s campaign against Nick Lampson.

According to documents obtained by FortBendNow, the NRCC had initially planned to spend $1,489, 320 on television ads in the Houston market, but has now reduced that amount to $593,730. The NRCC has not commented on the reason for the almost $900,000 cut.

The Lampson campaign says this is because the NRCC does not want to waste its money. Likewise, the media quotes an unnamed “Olson campaign volunteer” who feels betrayed.

What the article does not mention is that Olson is ahead in the polling and is set to beat Lampson, which is why the NRCC decided it does not need to spend any more money. Olson is about to throw up his own ad buys too.

According to my friend Ken Spain at the NRCC, “”Liberal Democrats like Nick Lampson and some in the mainstream media should hesitate before attempting to depict this decision as one that is being made out of anything other than a position of strength. Despite weeks of false and misleading attack ads from Democrats in Washington against Pete Olson, Nick Lampson remains in a politically perilous situation.”

The Lampson camp, failing with its first message, is now out with another message after newspapers pointed out Pete Olson is, in addition to kicking Lampson’s ass on the political side is whipping up on him on the financial side too — out raising Lampson 3 to 1.

Now Lampson’s spokesman, Trevor Kincaid, is out saying, “Pete Olson is unemployed and focused his time trolling for cash from crooked Wall Street firms like AIG.”

The problem for him, though, is that Lampson is being helped by an outside leftist group called the Lonestar Project. It’s high dollar donors include AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and a host of notable left-wing trial lawyers. Also, there is this bit:

Kincaid argues that Olson should be doing far better in the money game, after fundraisers featuring President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. “We didn’t have any headliners, it was just Lampson,” Kincaid said.

Well, of course Lampson did not have any headliners. He is scared to death the people of TX-22 might realize who his friends are. In TX-22, Tom DeLay’s old district, it does him little good to have Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Bill Clinton, his friends from Washington, raising money for him.

Two more weeks for Lampson.