Yesterday, I pointed out how Kay Hagan and the Godless America PAC are connected. Hagan is running against Senator Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina.

To review: Godless America PAC wants to get all references to God off the money, out of the Pledge, and end Christmas as a federal holiday. One of their leaders got Kay Hagan to go up to Massachusetts for a big fundraiser with a bunch of atheists.

Let’s add to the pile:

Hagan lives on Meadowbrook Terrace in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her property is just down the street from the Greensboro Country Club. She and her husband have lived there since 1984. Charles, her husband, is a legacy member of Greensboro Country Club.

The Country Club didn’t allow black members until at least 1995. According to Michael Riley, writing in Time on June 25, 1990, “”Signs of separation persist in the city’s neighborhoods, nightclubs, gazes and words. A perspiring black man, nattily dressed in suspenders, white shirt and a hat, pushes a mower across a lush lawn just yards from the elite, whites-only Greensboro Country Club.

Jack Scis, writing in the News & Record on April 6, 1995, noted, “Greensboro Country Club may join other clubs in admitting African-Americans.”

This year, in The News & Observer, Kay Hagan told Rob Christiensen, “The Hagans sent their children to the private Greensboro Day School and the family is a member of the Greensboro Country Club, which she said is racially integrated.

Hagan just failed to leave out that she and her husband were members well before the County Club started letting black people through the front door. And you can get on Nexis yourself. You’ll find no record of Kay Hagan ever standing up publicly against the policy.

But you will find Hagan standing up with a bunch of atheists at a Massachusetts fundraiser held in her honor who want to get rid of Christmas and take “In God We Trust” off our money.

It’s all about priorities.