UPDATE(by Dan Spencer): Liz Mair, RNC spokeswoman, further clarifies:

“RNC efforts are ongoing in these states, and Barack Obama would assume otherwise at his own peril.”

The trends are still working in McCain’s favor. As I said the other day, the polling is headed in McCain’s direction and it is starting to show up in the state level polling.

So here’s the thing: CNN breathlessly reported tonight that McCain was pulling out of several must win states. It’s an effort to disrupt the trends and momentum flowing in his direction.

It is also categorically untrue. McCain is not pulling out of the states CNN listed. Oddly enough, within a few minutes of the reporting, we had several repeat trolls show up here to rattle off the states McCain was pulling out of.

Was there some Obama dirty trick spinning involved? It’s like when the media breathlessly reported Fred Thompson was throwing in the towel the day before the Iowa caucus. That didn’t happen either, but Thompson insiders are convinced it hurt him there.

Perhaps CNN needs new sources. Or perhaps we just need to put them on the list with MSNBC and the New York Times.

In any event, Senator McCain, I hope you realize the media is not your friend and some of them are, in fact, the enemy.