“All the irregularities are benefiting Franken against statistical probability.

Minnesota has become this year’s Florida, but it is only at the Senate level. Let me lay out the facts for you.

When all the votes were counted on election day, Norm Coleman had won by about 800 votes.

After canvassing all the votes, the number dropped pretty significantly to a 200 vote lead. The canvass will be certified by the 18th and, under Minnesota law, a recount will begin on the 19th.

Here’s why we should be worried.

Between election day and yesterday, most of the votes in the canvass went for Franken. While we can expect some vote shifting, as a former elections lawyer myself who has been involved in several recounts, it is very, very unusual for virtually all of the votes to shift to the other side. In fact, I’d say it is statistically improbable for there to be a 600 votes shift to the other side.

Then we have these two interesting stories:

1. 32 absentee ballots were found over the weekend with a Democratic Party operative. We don’t really know from where other than the operative’s car. The judge involved let the votes be counted.

2. In Mountain Iron, MN, the local Democrat machine discovered 100 ballots that needed to be counted. All 100 of the ballots went for Obama. And all 100 of the ballots went for Franken. Let’s leave out the round number, which in and of itself should raise suspicions. No part of Minnesota, including the Iron region north of Duluth up to Canada (that part of the state heavily influenced by machine politics on the left) saw straight party voting between Franken and Obama. Sure there were some. But for a group of Democrats to pull out 100 ballots and have 100% go Obama and Franken defies the odds.

In Minneapolis, David Littlehawk, Franken’s attorney, wanted disqualified ballots counted. The Minneapolis Board of Elections, which includes the very liberal, partisan Mayor of Minneapolis, refused. That, though, seems to be the exception to the rule.

A source I spoke to said all these irregularities “are not easily explained.”

Now here is the kicker: it’s pretty clear the Democrats are stealing the election. If they can get the vote closer, then Franken can allege voter fraud and take it to court if, after the recount, he hasn’t stolen enough votes. Once in the court system, it’d be Harry Reid and the United States Senate determining who should go to Washington.

It’s already close enough. All the irregularities are benefiting Franken against statistical probability. And the media is intent on ignoring the issue.