Meet Ashleigh Kenny. She’s a student at Valdosta State University in South Georgia. She presented Congressman Jack Kingston with a t-shirt that said “R.I.P. The U.S. Constitution” on one side and on the other side had a this quote from Ronald Reagan: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

Oliver Willis, a real activist, i.e. subsidized by a Hungarian billionaire, put up a post on his website saying Congressman Kingston was, in posing with Ashleigh and her t-shirt, “embracing the fringe.”

They he let his commenters have at Ashleigh. A sample:

She’s also pregnant with her cousin’s child (they got married after the first one) and gives those Tee shirts away at the local strip club where she works (to avoid the military service which might pay for her education).

That’s one of the less crude ones.

And this is what unknown people who care about this country and believe Barack Obama is sending us down a terrible road are being subjected to. They are beaten up by SEIU thugs, savaged on blogs, and ridiculed on MSNBC. All they did was show up at a townhall and express their opposition to socialized medicine.

Ashleigh has written a response to the vitriol she’s been subjected to. I put it below the fold. Remember Ashleigh Kenny. She is not alone. Like the rest of us here, she fights for freedom.

I realize that some controversy has resulted from the blog posting a picture of Congressman Kingston and me, where I presented him a t-shirt that said “R.I.P. The U.S. Constitution”

What those who seek to smear me don’t know, or take the time to find out, is that the back of the shirt is adorned with the words of President Ronald Reagan: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

Perhaps one’s perception of the shirt depends on his or her perception of our Constitution. Personally, I believe it is a fundamental document that was written to insure that the government never became greater than the people. When I look at today’s society, the government’s control seems to increasingly outweigh the people’s. I cannot help but feel that the Constitution has been theoretically buried. This design isn’t meant to point fingers, it’s meant to stir an awareness of what we are losing. It’s about the power of the government increasing, while the power of the people decreases.

This shirt is not meant to stir debate regarding which administration did the most to slaughter our Constitution. While we cannot change the past, we do have the present in our hands, right now. This is where change begins.

I must say, in a time where political scandal consists of perjury, adultery, embezzlement…etc., to be caught standing next to a college kid accepting a pro-liberty t-shirt really doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe that’s just me