I wrote the other day about Sen. Ben Cardin’s (D-MD) townhall in Maryland. Senator Cardin, you will recall, had his townhall co-sponsored with the SEIU and ACORN.

Additionally, his office sent an email to the AFL-CIO, which then forwarded it out, asking Obamacare supporters to attend the event in order to fill the seats and keep out pro-America supporters1.

The whole thing was another example of leftist astroturf being masqueraded before a willing media as authentic grassroots, complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by George Soros.

Check out this article showing just how planned the astroturf is. The article came out on the 4th of August.

Organized labor plans two mass mobilizations in August — and beyond — on health care and on the Employee Free Choice Act, interviews at the AFL-CIO Executive Council show. . . . The health care mobilization already started, and was going even as the council met. Unions arranged for 50,000 phone calls to be funneled to Congress on the issue on July 28. And on July 27, the Alliance of Retired Americans, the AFL-CIO’s affiliate for union and other retirees, arranged two conference calls, of 100 people each, to talk health care campaign strategy, Alliance President Barbara Easterling added.

And the Employee Free Choice Act mobilization aims at the fact that Democrats now lack the 60 votes needed to shut off a planned GOP-led filibuster against the bill.

What? How can that be authentic?

The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind — AFL-CIO workers wear t-shirts made in China, not Brooks Brothers suits. Therefore, they are authentic.

Let’s also note the part about the Employee Free Choice Act — the pressure for it, like healthcare, is union generated, union powered, and union fake. The only thing authentic about it is the passion the unions have for pushing the fake pressure campaigns before they go bankrupt under the weight of their own union contracts.

  1. If they can use “anti-healthcare reform protestors”, I can use “pro-America supporters” to describe the same group. After all, it is the “healthcare reform supporters” who want to destroy America as we know it.