Over the last few months as our traffic has kept going up, I get more and more people emailing me, twittering me, and commenting on my Facebook page about writing at RedState.I am kind of tired of individually responding, so I thought I would put this here on the front page and just start sending around this link.RedState is a community of readers and activists from across the fifty states and a bunch of other countries too (we’ve got a lot of fans in Australia and Britain). The cool thing about RedState is that unlike most other right-of-center blogs, anyone can write at RedState.All you need to do is create an account and then wait twenty-four hours, after which you can comment and write till your heart is content.The RedState community will either recommend or not recommend your posts. If enough people recommend your posts, they’ll move up into the recommended diaries section. Typically, though we’ve honestly dropped the ball in the last month, every day a different front page contributor will front reader diaries that really stand out, though those then lose the ability to be recommended by the community.Over time, once a person has built up a strong engagement with and attachment to the site through regularly engaging in the community through comments and posting quality diaries, we just might name the person a front page contributor.But for starters, you need to create an account and post. Unless you are a member of Congress or someone of note, I am probably not going to put your posts directly on the front page — the community will do it through recommendations, etc.We are glad to have you as part of the community (left-wing trolls, mobies, birthers, Alex Jones listeners, and nuts excluded). Just create an account and be prepared to be a good neighbor in the RedState community.Oh, and I highly recommend, as with any community, getting a feel for the norms of the community. It’ll help.

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