We often talk about wanting certain types of people to run for office. We say, “Joe down at the hardware store should run. He’s conservative. He’s Christian. He’s one of us.“Joe says no.But one day Joe gets royally hacked off. He sees where we are headed and for the good of his family, community, and country, Joe goes to his friends, they pledge support, and Joe decides to run. Then the friends say, “Okay Joe. Go raise $200,000.00 and conduct a poll to prove you can win. Then we’ll start writing checks and helping.”Often there are valid reasons for doing that. When polling shows the voters of a district want to throw the bums out, just not their bum, it really becomes a challenge. But this year is not like those other years. We have a one time, unique chance to have a measurable, real impact. Why? Because unlike even 1994 and 2006, this year most Americans want even their bum thrown out.But who do we get to replace them? We get people like our hypothetical Joe — the guy who really is one of us and is really in it for the cause, not for himself.In the real world, we do it with people like Pam Gorman in Arizona. She is one of the millions of candidates running to replace John Shadegg in Arizona 3.If you really want to shift the country right, we need Pam Gorman in Congress. It is that simple.Why am I backing her and why should you? Pam Gorman has bled for the cause. Pam Gorman is, in a way, a political martyr for conservatism. She bled for us. We must now help her.Here’s what I’m talking about.Pam Gorman, an unapologetic conservative, rose through the ranks of the Arizona State Senate quickly. She became Whip.But the Republicans in the State Senate never listened to Pam Gorman when she told them to stop spending and the Republicans found themselves in a financial mess. And after rejecting Pam Gorman‘s ideas for savings and budget cuts, the Arizona Republicans decided to raise taxes. They told Pam Gorman not only did she have to support the tax increase, but she needed to speak out in favor of it. Oh, Pam Gorman spoke about the tax increase alright. She went to the floor of the State Senate and denounced the tax, the spending, the fiscal irresponsibility of her Republican colleagues.They stripped her of her position. They threw her out of her office. They exiled her to a windowless office where they hoped she’d never be seen or heard from again.But now Pam Gorman is running for Congress. She has proven herself. She took the hits for small government. She took the hits for conservatism. She fought back against her own side for losing their way. They punished her. But Pam Gorman kept fighting.Now we need to return the favor. We need to fight for Pam Gorman.Friends, it does us no good to take back Congress if we are not going to improve the composition of the Republican Party. It does us no good to go back to the ways that got us tossed from Congress in 2006.We need Pam Gorman. We need to fund her, pray for her, volunteer for her, and do all that we can to return the favor.She’s my candidate in Arizona 3 and I hope she will become your candidate.