This evening in Florida information has begun trickling out about Charlie Crist’s plans — he is undecided and polling the heck out of everything.From one person who is directly in the know comes this, “I just heard he is polling everything: stay in primary, run as independent, run for REELECT as governor.”Charlie Crist has become Rob Frankenjesmerstein’s monster. The NRSC created this being and is now unable to control him. He risks now throwing more races into chaos, causing more money to be spent (remember, the NRSC said backing Crist meant it would not have to spend money in Florida), and fracturing the GOP.Charlie’s diva behavior is NRSC Chief Strategist Rob Jesmer’s creation and problem. It was Jesmer who wooed Crist into the race. Remember: the NRSC has said all along that Crist was their only primary endorsement because that’s what it took to get Crist into the race.I warned John Cornyn about hiring Jesmer way back at the end of 2008. Let’s not let the NRSC try to walk this back and distance themselves from the disaster. After all, regardless of what they do, they’re going to eagerly embrace credit in November for GOP gains. But this . . . this they own themselves.