There is a unique strategy shaping up in the United States Senate to get cap-and-tax passed. Lindsey Graham is going to go to the extreme side.Graham’s support of the cap-and-tax global warming bill that passed the House of Representatives is the left’s dream version of a “climate change” bill, but the realists know it is not going to pass. Graham is going to offer a tweaked version of the cap-and-tax plan on Monday. So here’s the strategy.Maria Cantwell and Susan Collins are going to push an alternative climate change bill. They are going to get John Kerry and others in the Senate to go along with them. In fact, John Kerry is going to take up to two hours today to listen to a pitch on the plan. They want to get out ahead of Lindsey Graham’s Monday launch.The legislation is called the Carbon Limits and Energy for America’s Renewal Act, or CLEAR, and was dropped in December. Some people fear that while Lindsey Graham’s legislation will tax us into oblivion, the Cantwell-Collins bill will drive up economic costs.No matter. It’s to stop climate change.And they’ve enlisted Sigourney Weaver to be the public face for the CLEAR Act — a much prettier face and voice than Lindsey Graham.How do I know all of this? I sat next to Ms. Weaver and the Cantwell-Collins plotters at breakfast this morning.Remember: they are going to do their best to portray this as the reasonable alternative. Actually, the best portrayal is a lame effort to be seen as doing something on climate change because Congress just has to do something. Allegedly.